Sep 2013 University of Portsmouth

David has been appointed as an Associate Lecturer by University of Portsmouth. He has already been involved with the Induction programme for new and returning students on the BSc in Security and Risk Management programme, as well as being given responsibility for a twice-weekly on-line seminar that is open as a general chat forum for all under-graduate and post-graduate SRM students.


Sep 2013 Security Institute / Perpetuity Training Certificate in Security Management

David was the Project Director on behalf of the Security Institute for the development of ten modules that could act as the academic underpinning for the widely popular Perpetuity Training ‘Certificate in Security Management’. The whole programme was designed to be delivered as an on-line e-learning package, and the 150,000 word project depended on a close working relationship between the Security Institute and Perpetuity Training. The project is now up and running, for further details link


Sep 2013 Security in Africa Conference.

David was invited to give a presentation to the inaugural Security in Africa Conference, held in the prestigious Park Lane Hilton Hotel. Sponsored by the law firm of Forz Khan, the conference brought together representatives of a number of African embassies in London, UK security companies and consultancies with interests in Africa, and representatives of charities and NGO’s active in African markets. The conference was considered a resounding success, and set the foundation for future events, which are already being planned..


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Transport Security Expo, 13th-14th November, Olympia

Transport Security Expo has been the leading event for global heads of Aviation, Maritime, Counter Piracy, Public Transport and Supply Chain Security for the past 10 years. Designed to deliver clarity to the complex task of protecting Passengers, Cargo and High Risk Assets from those intent on doing harm, Transport Security Expo is the world’s most established event in this arena.


David will be Chairman for the 2-day Public Transport Security Conference that is a central feature of the Expo. Please feel free to contact him if you are going to be there, or would like more information.


MENA Business Infrastructure Protection Summit: Risk Management and Security Intelligence.

4th- 5th December, Dubai

Approximately 60% of the world’s oil reserves originate in MENA and the region is also undergoing intensive construction, has strong mineral, telecommunications and finance sectors, and a whole host of support industries servicing all these booming sectors. However, though this region is extremely attractive to international companies for many reasons, it also throws up a number of unique and challenging security concerns. Critical infrastructure targeting is almost now viewed as a 21st century alternative to conventional warfare, and as such, demands huge attention and resources from companies operating in higher risk regions.

The MENA Business Infrastructure Protection 2013 Summit is a high-profile meeting that will provide a comprehensive platform for practitioners involved in the protection of critical infrastructure that directly impacts upon businesses operating across the Middle East and North Africa.

David has been invited to Chair the second day of this prestigious event, which focuses on Risk Management and Business Continuity, in his role as Security Institute Director of International Development. He will also give a presentation on various aspects of decision-making in complex crisis environments.

Dubai Programme


The Challenge of Modern Crisis Management

The threats faced by Risk Managers of the 21st Century are indisputably larger in scale, more complex in nature, and potentially more catastrophic in impact than any similar risks faced in previous generations. Given the inter-connected nature of the modern world, with the possibility of distant events causing instant cascades of self-generating and self-fuelling crises, the modern RM is more likely to think in terms of crisis cognition and systems dependency,

using C4 (Command & Control, Communication and Coordination) appropriate to multi-agency coordination and trans-jurisdictional response, rather than simple risk assessments and SOP’s. Incidents such as Hurricane Katrina and the Fukushima tsunami have shown us (yet again) that even the most well-developed response programme, resourced and supported at the highest level and designed for well-understood and highly predictable events, can fail catastrophically once a crisis has been triggered. However, we also see incidents on a daily basis where lack of basic crisis management skills have put even the largest of organisations in danger .

The Response

DRA works with clients on a one-to-one basis to develop a clear vision of their own crisis readiness, at every level from the Boardroom to the front-line operations. We work with you to develop appropriate protocols that will allow you to respond in the most appropriate and effective manner to the widest range of possible incidents. Our skills are practitioner-based, but with the support of many years of academic research and teaching, as well as global corporate consultancy. Working together , we can help you ensure the security and well-being of your personnel and operational capability, as well as your corporate reputation and brand value.

David Rubens, MSc, CSyP, FSyI holds an MSc in Security and Risk Management (Leicester University), and is widely recognised as a leading authority on all aspects of crisis management and planning. He was a Visiting Lecturer at the Security and Resilience Department, Cranfield University, UK Defence Academy (2009-’10), where he lectured on the Strategic Leadership programme, focusing on terrorism & public policy and the management of large-scale, complex multi-agency operations, and is currently an Associate Lecturer at University of Portsmouth, where he is completing his Doctorate in Security and Risk Management, researching decision-making in complex crisis environments. He has written specialist reports for government agencies in Japan, Russia, Dubai, Nigeria, Liberia and the Caribbean. He is a Chartered Security Professional (CSyP), and is a member of the London Resilience Academic Advisory Board as well as being a Main Board Director of the UK Security Institute.

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